About Jimmers

Your convenience is our mission.

Since 1990, we are dedicating to deliver the experience of convenient living in a big city. Over more than 20 years, we have been specializing in leasing house in Jakarta area most for the expatriates. Our people have built trust, reliability, and connections with our clients in delivering needs to exceed their expectations.

Our commitment and dedication for years lead us to present a very active development, as the company has grown from only residential to a larger area of hospitality industry. Within the timeline, we brought to you the simplicity of living in Jakarta by developing Ricozy, our city hotel located at South Jakarta.

Our consistency in bringing the pleasure of living encouraged us to develop Jimmers Mountain Resort in the tranquil area of Cipayung, Cisarua (Puncak - Bogor) on last 2013. Our resort provides the elegant surroundings of the higest quality of service present to our guests.

"Our guests satisfaction is our goal to build a great living experience." - Jimmy Wibowo